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  • David Vest David Vest Feb 17, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    Really nice team! 1)with this roster I'd punt on TO's(unless your 1-9 but close most weeks to winning that cat). 2)as I see your team Manu and Kemba are the only 2 i'd consider dropping with Manu being #1. He's been hurt so much on/off and you know Spurs are going to rest him(DNP's or less PT) until playoffs. With your other 3 G's and Melo and pierce you've got alot of 3's,pts and FT%. Kemba is probably dropping your FG%,like melo & westbrook,but they're keepers. To win in playoffs you know only 5 cat's are needed so I'd concentrate on someone who can give you 3's,blocks and improve your FT and FG%'s and lessen TO's. I love leonard's upside with Spurs resting their big 3 alot plus S.Jackson's been injured some too. He can give you 3's,blocks,steals and shooting %'s. I missed adding him by a couple of hours 2 weeks ago and regret not adding sooner. He's just good across many cat's. 3) As for Walker he may be dropable for McGee,favors or okafur. I just added favors last week taking a chance that Jefferson/Milsap will be traded. If one is ,favors would be a must own for blocks,steals,RB's and good FG%(not too bad at FT%). Depends on whether you can wait until trade deadline or not. McGee has been coming on more lately but is in PT share with Koufus. But I would look up his game log and see what he's been doing lately where PT goes. Like Okafur but how long will Wizard's keep rolling him out there before giving their younger talent a look. I'd check his game log too to see how his recent PT has been going. Only other mentioned player I'd look at is D.Green who will definitely give you 3's but not much else. If you just want a 3's specialist only,with limited other cat's contributions,Green is your man. Hope this helped some and good luck!!!!

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    • 1) i pretty much have punted to's at this point because of westbrook, wade, etc. 2) right now, i'm trying to shop manu and see what i can get. i actually proposed a manu-zbo for jr smith-bosh deal and i hope it gets accepted. i've actually been kind of happy with the way kemba has been producing but he's not that consistent but has been a good source of stls and other stats for me. so should i drop manu for kawhi if i really can't trade him? 3) yeah i'm thinking of adding favors too, but it seems like i lose a bit of value there if i drop kemba for him. and i do already have 5 power forward-eligible players. Sadly, someone added Danny Green, so i can't get him anymore. Thanks!!!

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      • If you can wrap up the Bosh deal that would solve most of your needs,so i'd do that. If you like Walker,and he's helping you ,keep him. Actually, if you keep Walker and add Leonard for his all round game you'd be better off. Myself I still believe Leonard will play everyday whereas manu might see less PT/DNP's down the line,as I mentioned to you before. Maybe do as you said and offer up Manu in a 1 for 1 trade for a 3 pt. shooter. Most players do like the 2 for 1 trades so maybe manu/zbo for a upper level shooter/decent in other cat's might work too. Before Going with Leonard over Manu I'd find a player rater site,like ESPN's Fantasy Basketball's site,where you can compare the two of them over the past 14-30 days and see how their trends are going in 8 cat's. I really use that tool to determine how my players,and ones I'm looking at,are trending(stat wise). If you've never used it it's at ESPN sports,click on fantasy,go to basketball and click,then look at top for Player Rater! Has add/drops and other things too. Good luck with Bosh trade and other's if neccessary. Let me know how it goes!

    • u should package Melo,Manu and Wade for Lebron and a decent 3pt sg and a center high in blocks


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