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  • Homen Homen Feb 16, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    Danny Green, Korver, Robinson or Billups

    I need a specialist 3 point marksmen on my team. I have Danny Green. Korver, Robinson and Billups are all on FA. It would be nice to get more than 3's, and so far this season, Korver has contributed more outside of 3 pointers than Green. Recently, both Robinson and Billups have been shooting the three ball better than either Green or Korver, but not sure how long that will last with Robinson being very streaky over his career, and Billups being injury prone, and not typically a three point specialist. Who would you take out of these four, with 3PM and 3P% as the priority categories, but with an eye on some "goodies" in other categories, which Korver seems to provide, and Robinson of late in assists.

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    • Korver. I have Korver since the beginning. His playing his best season, nuff said. Billups can be another option but he like Amar'e will play no less than 20 - 22 minutes. But I pick up him before the Lakers game and I just smile when he got 21 in 7 of 10 with 3 3's lol!

    • Ilike take Korver cuz he doesnt have to worry about duncan, parker, blake, crawford etc..... jeff teague will somewat pass him the rock and Korver will knock it down for 3

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      • Good point. Nate Robinson? I feel like he won't keep up the numbers he's been putting up (at a reasonable percentage) lately even if Rose doesn't comes back this year....

      • Billups I would ignore all together as he's an injury waiting to happen again plus he's fighting Butler,bledsoe,Paul,Barnes,etc. for those looks and PT. I dropped Korver and 1 day later L.Williams goes down and Korver becomes abeast. I own Nate and he's been super for me and he adds steals,dimes,some RB's and good FT% and he's rarely shot under 45% for a week. The other answerer was right about D.Green,who's in a groove right now with 3's. He offers very little else but keep in mind that he,splitter,Leonard or going to see alot of PT down the ROS because,Duncan,Manu and Parker are going to see DNP's/more pine time for playoffs. If it was me I'd exclude Green solely on the fact he adds little else cat wise. Dang this is a tough choice! All I can offer here is look at your cat's and see what you really need heading into,and during playoffs. Korver/Nate are probably close at shooting %'s for FG's,Ft's and 3 pointers. Nate probably has an advantage in steals and definitely dimes where Korver get's a number of steals and does block some shoots. More turnovers for nate and as you said nate is very streaky over career but he's been steady this year. One factor you might consider is what will be nate's role/PT numbers after Hinrich returns(who know's). If your wanting to make this add right now I'd go for Korver!!!! I like both very much but Korver seems locked into his role for ROS without anyone around to take away the PT. Good luck


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