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  • Chad Chad Feb 15, 2013 12:51 AM Flag

    Help me improve my team - who should I switch these players out for?

    Here's who I'm looking to drop from my team:

    Andre Iguodala (SG, SF)
    Brandon Knight (PG, SG)

    and maybe
    Nikola Pekovic (C)
    Kemba Walker (PG)

    Should I swap them out for any of these players, keeping in mind positions needed and our play-offs in March:

    Byron Mullens (PF, C)
    Jarrett Jack (PG, SG)
    Nate Robinson (PG, SG)
    Shawn Marion (SF, PF)
    Kyle Korver (SG, SF)
    Vince Carter (SG, SF)
    Omer Asik (C)
    Kyle Lowry (PG)
    Jeremy Lin (PG)
    Eric Bledsoe (PG, SG)

    Any help is appreciated.

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    • I'll try to give you a hand here! i own Lowry,Jack,Bledsoe and nate! If Raptors get off the gay/Derozan 35-40 shots/game I think Lowry will be big ROS(but he's always an injuy risk),Curry could go down at any time and jack has been good even with Curry and without Rose Nate has been great and Rose is iffy ROS! I'd drop Knight for Lowry!!! If your tired of K.Walker I'd opt for Nate but watch trade deadline/Rose update's the next week or so. I own Pekonator and i'm keeping him. Not sure about Iguodola!! Depends on what your needs are. Mullens is pretty good across the board but you trade his 3's for lower FG%. I let go of Korver and 1 day later L.Williams goes down and Korver becomes a beast. He's pretty good across the board also but was shaky last week in FG%. I'd wait on Bledsoe(I am) until after trade deadline. If clippers talk Garnett somehow to approve trade Bledsoe could become a beast in Boston so I'm holding,although I could use his roster spot for a Big or 3 pt. shooter. Rest of those guy's Lin,Marion,Vince,etc. are good adds but it depends on what you need,although Marion has been playing very well for awhile now in a number of cat's. Just haven't been following Denver enough to give you an honest opinion on Iggy so I won't. Hope this helps and good luck!!!!

    • Kyle Lowery is a must own player. I would switch Knight out for him. I would hold onto Iggy, Pek, and Kemba

    • You can trade all of them to teams behind you in 2 for 1 trades. From those, you can pick Korver, it's a must have and Asik.

    • Somebody might want Iggy! No?


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