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  • Pat Pat Feb 14, 2013 5:34 PM Flag

    Larry Sanders or Splitter

    Who's the better pickup now? Sanders or Splitter

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    • wow! this is a no brainer for me. I'd take Sanders all day longer. Splitter is a low level center that produces low end numbers. Sanders has top 30 upside. The only way I would take Splitter over him is if his back will keep him out for the season. last I heard two MRI tests have come back clean. I think he's be back beasting shortly after the all star break

    • In the same boat! I own sanders and obviously miss his stats but so far I'm making do and winning so I'm holding until I get definite word on him. I had Splitter and he did well for me but dropped him when Paul went down to add Nate robinson. If your looking for immediate help I'd go Spitter because Spurs have 4 game week after Break and no word on sanders yet. I'm thinking of re-adding Splitter soon after break. With Duncan/Ginobli getting periodic rest during ROS he always seems to up stats when their out. If you can wait I believe Sanders will be better choice,if healthy. Good luck


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