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  • Archie Archie Feb 11, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

    Batum and Marc Gasol for Dwayne Wade?

    I originally offered Asik and Batum to get Dwayne Wade.
    He countered with Marc Gasol and Batum for Dwayne Wade. Should I take it?

    I feel totally fine parting with Batum due to his questional wrist. But Marc Gasol is the one I'm having problem parting with.
    I'm also considering whether to counter by keeping Gasol and using either Zach Randolf/Kevin Garnett with Batum in the package.

    My goal for the trade is to:
    1) Get out of Batum's uncertain wrist
    2) Get one more roster spot open to do some hot free agent pick ups
    3) Get a few more FG/PTS/FG% related boost

    My team's strength has been rebounding

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    • Thanks for all the response. I have already rejected his counter offer and agree that holding on Wade towards the end of the season may not be good either.

    • you're crazy. Batum could end the season as a top 10 player (in 9 cat leagues) and Gasol is a top tier center. Yes, Batum's wrist injury has limited him recently, but he's about to get much needed rest over the all star break and he could finish the rest of the season as a beast. if you really want Wade that is giving up to much. you should give him one of those guys + a mid-level player (like your original deal)

    • why would you want wade? Given the standings, wade will sit out if necessary at the end of season. You can probably get someone for reliable for those 2 individuals

    • No way I would give up Marc Gasol & Batum for Wade alone ....Batum's wrist has been bothering him but he has the allstar weekend to help + Wade 's been sort of an injury risk also.....I think Wade for Batum straight up is pretty even but if u do decide I would offer Gordan or Hill!


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