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  • Christopher Christopher Feb 10, 2013 4:15 PM Flag

    James Harden + any player I choose for Dwight Howard and Deron WIlliams

    I have been offered a potential trade where I give James Harden and any player on my roster of my choosing for Dwight Howard and Deron WIlliams. I am currently third in my h2h league, and the two areas I am weakest are in rebounds and blocks. As far as scoring goes I have no problem getting points from other players on my roster, and Deron Williams should keep my threes above average as well if i make the trade. My current roster is Harden, Parker, Teague, Lawson, Gallinari, Chandler Parsons, Monroe, Pekovic, Bosh, Boozer, Eric Gordan, George Hill and Kevin Love (yes I am still holding out for him). I know he won't take Love cause he needs production now, so I was thinking either Gordan, Hill, Bosh (been really disappointing this year) or Teague as the additional player if I make the trade. However...Harden is producing out of his mind this year across the board, and if (and I really hope so) Love can make it back by the time my playoffs role around he will alleviate my rebound deficiency even if he is rusty. Just curious to see what some of you folks thought.

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