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  • andrew andrew Feb 2, 2013 12:57 AM Flag

    kg/felton for t.parker/splitter

    I like the spurs side of the trade, Splitters role is increasing even with a healthy Duncan, and they're going to be resting Duncan more and more after this break. Starting Splitter is averaging near double doubles and hits his FT% above 800 to go with a FG% above 500. He also rarely turns it over... So no negatives and great boards. Parker is having his best fantasy year, and is a different Class than Felton.

    KG is going to give you additional counting stats, Ast, Stl, Blk, that splitter isn't going to, but otherwise I like the spur side.

    PS. If you need the blocks / steals check for the FA market for Drummunds or A. Johnson, they're both averaging 3+ Stl+Blks on the season.


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