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  • Shaneooo Shaneooo Jan 30, 2013 4:53 AM Flag

    Roster advice

    I'd like to get an objective view on my team and where it fits. In this league I have a large bench and it is a h2h league.

    Tony Parker
    Paul George
    JR Smith
    Lebron James
    David West
    Andre Drummond
    Marcin Gortat
    Tim Duncan
    Bradley Beal
    Harrison Barnes
    Andrew Bogut
    Wilson Chandler
    Rodney Stuckey
    Kyle Singler
    Will Bynum
    Andray Blatche

    I am currently seeded 1st, but would like to get some separation. I think I could make a package out of Bynum, Stuckey, Blatche, Singler and/or Bogut and get a scoring punch and increase my assists. Interested in some feedback.

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    • Looks like nobody is handing out an opinion so I'll give it a shot. Top tier looks really good except Beal is injured ,right. Barnes has potential and is seeing enough PT to possibly hold. You've got alot of scoring,FG%,RB's,blocks. Looks like you need some 3's,steals,dimes and possibly a player to increase FT%. As you said probably a decent SG/PG/SF type. With calderon coming to Pistons that leaves either Bynum/Stuckey with less PT. Singler is a starter and probably remain so with maybe a small hit in PT. Chandler will gain more PT but not much and as you know can be VERY inconsistent but when he's hot....... I really believe blatche is not much to hold onto,could be wrong. I believe with the Bigs you have Bogut is expendable especially with limited PT to start(every other game) plus he's very capable of getting hurt again (a la Curry,Lowry,G.Davis,etc....). I package Bogut,Stuckey/Singler for a mid level Guard and if you decide to try higher maybe Bogut/Beal for say a Lowry,J.Nelson or Felton. Worth a shot! To take up some of the slack i'd drop Blatche for say a: Bledsoe,Terry,Bayless,Stephenson type or n.Robinson who I added to offset the loss of C.Paul. Forgot about Bogut and Stuckey/singler for mid level G like: Korver(scoring,steals,a few dimes & RB's per game and good FT%),Vasquez,E.Turner,Waiters,J.Jack(who I have and he's been super all season,even better with an injured Curry),Lin,etc. i'd try that and drop Blatche for a decent 25 min. type that i mentioned earler who fits you're needs. But your right I'd package Bogut with somebody and hope he stays healthy enough to make a deal. I'm sure someone will cough up what your needing in order to take a chance on Bogut's upside and forget his down side. Hope this helps some and good luck. I'd take bogut off your hands after losing Big Baby and probably alot of PT for E.Davis after his trade to memphis. Lost probably 25 pts.,15 RB's,some blocks,decent FG% and some steals there. I'm scrambling too with 6 good teams jockeying every week,up and down the rankings, between 1-6 in 12 teamer.trying to replace Baby,Davis and C.Paul now and just got Pekonator back last night after 10 days off and Lowry missing time too. It's been lots of fun. Good luck man


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