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  • Patrick Patrick Jan 29, 2013 12:26 PM Flag


    So, if the Lakers eventually start losing again and their playoff hopes are done... what happens to Kobe?
    1) Does he play out till the end of the season? Or
    2) Does he sit the rest of the season?

    What do you guys think?

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    • I'm pretty sure he is going to play but just not as hard as he is playing now and maybe less minutes but he will still put up solid numbers

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      • Just heard this discussion today on TV. Will Lakers stay with the plan of last few games(which I like as a Kobe owner. An increase in all his stats except points). Analysts said they don't know how long it will last especially if Kobe keeps playing hard but the others don't convert his increase in tries at assists. Then he'll go back to being the old Kobe. I don't think Kobe knows the word "slack off". I worry more about him getting an attitude from everyone else slacking off and then lose focus again. 3rd straight year I've had Kobe this is the best I've seen him. %'s are up and so are most of his other cat's. I'd hang onto him if your contemplating a possible trade. Kobe is going to get his. Good luck


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