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  • Chuz Chuz Jan 26, 2013 7:00 PM Flag

    currently in 1st by 7.5 games, just made 2 big trades and not sure if i ruined my team or bettered it for the playoffs, all opinions and advice welcome and appreciated, plz and thx

    12 team h2h 9 cat... 1st place by 7.5 games and 16.5 games better than 3rd place and in absolutely no danger of missing playoffs...... knowing all this i wanted to better my team for the playoffs so the first trade i made was giving away d-will and deng(right b4 he got injured) for lebron and i picked up granger w my add and the 2nd trade was giving away pekovic and derozen for jeff teague and i picked up bargnani so now assuming these guys come back and are relevent my playoff roster wil look like this..

    PG- Jeff Teague
    SG- Paul George
    G- Kyle Lowry
    SF- Danny Granger
    PF- Lebron James
    F- Wesley Matthews
    C- Marc Gasol
    C- David Lee
    Util- George Hill
    Util- Andrea Bargnani

    Bench- Drummond, Zeller, Kidd, Gilchrist

    should i try and make another or stand put? i only gotta win 5-4 and i think i have pts, 3's, FT%, assists and steals on lock over most opponents, rebounding isnt terrible either but i was thinking of maybe doing a gasol/lowry type deal for another stud and try to better myself in those 5 cats that im very strong in? and again this is all assuming granger and bargs actually are useful when they return or im pretty sure my team is toast in the playoffs.... thx for any and all advice or opinions


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