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  • andrew andrew Jan 18, 2013 8:29 AM Flag

    G.Hill, D. Jordan, and E. Gordon for Harden and L Sanders?

    Knowing that someone wants Harden "real" bad could be good for you.

    You are right about being guard heavy, so naturally trying to round out your team with bigs can help.

    To give you better advice I'd need to know what ranking you have in each stat, and what that guy's roster looks like (the one who keeps trying to trade for harden).

    See if someone like Tristian Thomas or Splitter is still available as a FA, or if someone dropped Verajo.

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    • My stat rankings are as follows with 1 being the worst and 12 being the best.
      FG%- 5
      FT%- 5
      3PTM- 11
      PTS- 11
      REB- 10
      AST- 9
      STL- 11
      BLK- 12
      TO- 1

      He has the following guys on his roster...
      Wall, G Hill, Conley, Matthews, Parsons, Garnett, M Gasol, B Lopez, Rubio, Jordan, Gordon, Jefferson.

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      • You should accept nothing less than Gasol, and I'd try to get more from him. (Jefferson and Garnet are also targets, maybe adding Batum and Jefferson).

        How close are you to the other teams in the TO battle. Your FT% is awkward for your guard heavy team. But getting bigger should help you a bit in the FG%.

        Put those other TO fiends on the market and see if you can't find another big who rarely commits TOs.


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