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  • andrew andrew Jan 17, 2013 2:00 PM Flag

    G.Hill, D. Jordan, and E. Gordon for Harden and L Sanders?

    Don't allow one poor night and increasing frustration to cloud your judgment.
    That's a poor trade, even with the turnovers in mind..

    Sanders is playing top 20 ball at a position you're not deep in.
    G. Hill is playing well but your giving up two top 25 talents for Andre and Gordan who are 150+ talents... You won't be gaining much on the TO battle, but Jordan will sink your FT%.

    How competitive is your league (how many non-actives) is it really worth blowing up your roster to salvage a cat you can't win against bottom feeders anyways?

    1. Your TOs are extremely high because you're guard heavy, not because Harden and Batum are on your team... Batum isn't even top 25 in TOs. (Josh Smith, Monte Ellis, Jameer Nelson, and yes, James Harden are tho). So trading away 1 isn't going to help.

    2. If you're going to attempt to solve this "problem" anyways, trade Guards only for the Bigs who will help in cats you're competitive in and don't sink the ones you dominate. (Vucecic, Splitter, Tristian Thomas, Aldridge, Pekovic)

    3. Decide to Punt the Category and open up the trades for the likes of Joakim Noah, David Lee, and DeMarcus Cousins. The three hit their FT% and within the month are averaging near a double-double while hitting close to .500 from the field. All three are also above 2 TOs a game.

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    • My league is semi-competitive, but I'm a fairly competitive person. I built half my team through free agency, and it's paid off pretty well. When my season started (almost a month into the season, I started out the first few weeks 2nd to last in my roto league. A couple of weeks ago, through free agency, I found myself in first place. I held onto first until a week ago, but after last night I fell to 3rd place 6 points behind the leader. I know I tend to overreact, and this is one of those times. It's not worth it to trade either of those two away. In fact I don't know whether I want to trade away anybody else (last night I dumped Delfino for Koufos to try and start to balance my team a little more). A little more than a week ago, the same guy who proposed this trade, wouldn't leave me alone. He wanted Harden really bad, and I kept turning him down, coincidentally for Jordan and Gordon, and I said no. We finally agreed on a deal that involved me sending away parsons for trash, which i replaced with Lou Williams off of free agency. I had been studying Williams for a couple of weeks to see if his play was consistent, which it was, so I dumped what I got in return for Williams. It's paid off well so far, as he is posting parson numbers consistently. I'm reconsidering my decision after your post about the trade, but I would like to ask you, since you seem very knowledgeable about this kind of stuff, where could I improve my team. While I am a big Pek fan being from Minnesota he is my homeboy, I'm afraid he'll get injured right after I picked him up, given all Minnesota's injury problems this year. Thanks for the advice...man this person is going to be #$%$ when i decline and tell the league I've rescinded my offer.

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      • Knowing that someone wants Harden "real" bad could be good for you.

        You are right about being guard heavy, so naturally trying to round out your team with bigs can help.

        To give you better advice I'd need to know what ranking you have in each stat, and what that guy's roster looks like (the one who keeps trying to trade for harden).

        See if someone like Tristian Thomas or Splitter is still available as a FA, or if someone dropped Verajo.


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