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  • andrew andrew Jan 17, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Was offered Curry for my Rondo?

    Hi all.

    I'm in an awkward 8 man H2H 10 cat League where rosters are stacked but there is really no bench so FAs galore. However the PG market is slim.

    The scoring includes TO and 3pt% as cats. I punted FT% because there were 9 other cats to win and the league is active top to bottom so you can "win" the TO battle.

    However with Rondo I struggle to compete in 3ptm and 3%

    Is the Injured Curry (seems like he won't be out long)
    For Rondo

    Worth it?

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    • no i wouldnt do that trade because curry has been injured multiple times over the last couple years and rondo usually only misses time when he gets suspended for messing with the refs lol

    • Your 4 worst

      Jason Kid
      Ray Allen
      Jamal Crawford
      (World Peace, but that's debatable)

      I'd try to move the top 3 for Big help.

      Dirk seems to be finding his shot, and Id expect Love to be able to contribute in starter capacity, maybe getting into top 50, both worth roster spots when healthy.
      More so on your Biglite team.

    • I would keep Rondo, he is a triple dub threat every game. He gives u assists, steals and broads at a point position. Curry though is a better points guy if that is what u need. I try to get Rondo by trade many times.


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