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  • andrew andrew Jan 18, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Was offered Curry for my Rondo?

    You seem to only have 3 bigs so I can see why you would want Jefferson, you look strong in the small cats which includes FT% so Jefferson is a good target. My question back to you would be why you would specifically want Harden, you should already be Competitive in the cats he'll help in.

    The issues I see in trying to trade for Jeff and Hardon is that they're both top 20 talents so in order to trade for them you'll have to give up top 20 talents.

    Wade is probably your best Chip because you can make up his cats with the rest of your swingmen.

    I'd suggest trying a Wade for Jefferson.

    The other option is to check and see if Tristian Thomas or Splitter are available on the FA wire because they've both come on strong and are producing double doubles near .500 from the field.

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