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  • KHN KHN Jan 17, 2013 3:11 AM Flag

    HOLD ONTO LOVE AND VAREJAO ????????????????????????

    im in a 12 team h2h league and in first place by 10 games (the league plays 9 categories). other players dropped love and varejao because they are trying to catch up and cannot hold on to their players anymore. i picked up both of them, but now i have less players to play. should i continue to hold on to both of them, one of them, or none of them? i'm worried i will lose my 10 game lead in a few weeks if i hold on to them the entire time. i have been winning every week 6-3 or better, so should i sacrifice and take 4-5 or 3-6 losses weekly to keep varejao and love or drop them for some healthy players and try to win every week and extend my lead even more? i appreciate any advice! here is my team:

    lou williams
    jj redick
    marc gasol
    brandon jennings
    wes matthews
    joakim noah
    amir johnson
    jr smith
    kevin love

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    • I'd say keep them both, as long as you make the playoffs, you'd be unbeatable if you were winning 6-3 before. I'm in 4th, with 6 teams making the playoffs and I'm hanging onto Rose, Varajeo, Bynum, AND Ginobli.

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      • I agree, you are in a nice position that far ahead of everyone that as long as you don't slip bad enough to fall out of the playoffs you are going to be a tough team to beat if both come back healthy enough. I'm keeping my eye on Varejao in my league as I am in first but there is only a 4 game difference between the 1st and last playoff spot at the moment. If I can get a big enough lead I may just nab Varejao a few weeks before he returns to bolster my roster as he excels in several categories I win most weeks

    • If there is someone useful on the waiver wire then i'd say drop one of them. Both will be out 8-10 weeks which is a long time


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