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  • Ryan Ryan Jan 7, 2013 3:11 PM Flag

    I need trade advice

    Somebody in my league the other day proposed a trade that involved him sending away eric gordon, deandre jordan, ricky rubio, and avery bradley for my james harden and josh smith. I said no way jose to that trade. I proposed (reluctantly) my carlos boozer and jarrett jack for his mike conley and deandre jordan. He shot me down and offered his eric gordon and avery bradley for my james harden. I want to say no. Your thoughts?

    His lineup includes:
    mike conley, wesley matthews, eric gordon, marvin williams, al jefferson, kevin garnett, brook lopez, marc gasol, avery bradley, hedo turkolgu, deandre jordan, george hill, and ricky rubio.

    My lineup includes:
    james harden, monta ellis, marcus thorton, nicolas. batum, lavoy allen, carlos boozer, jason thompson, larry sanders, josh smith, kyle korver, jameer nelson, chandler parsons and jarrett jack.

    If he stays insistent on harden, what should i demand for in return?

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    • You should say no, without hesitation. Harden is a top 5 player and he's offering u gordon/bradley!?? just because you get more players in return doesn't mean you get the better trade. If he really wants Harden, and you're willing to give him up (I wouldn't), then I would say Gordon and Jefferson. And even then I wouldn't, but those are his best players upside-wise. And dude...who in the #$% is lavoy allen...why???

    • Try this one :
      Offer him James Harden and Lavoy Allen for Al Jefferson and Brook Lopez.
      you will get extra FG%, rebound but slightly drop on point and assist.

    • Yeah I said no way and I was planning to anyway. So he offered me eric gordon and hedo for chandler parsons which i accepted reluctantly, because I would dump hedo right away and pick up lou williams of atlanta. I was also able to get rid of lavoy allen in the process.

    • In all honestly, there is not any combination of players I would take from his team for Harden. You're talking about a top 5 player who has been producing big time stats in a situation conducive for it to continue.

      Being a Boston fan, Avery Bradley is more hype than statistical substance. Great defender but fantasy wise is borderline droppable. DeAndre will further sink your FT% and doesn't score enough to warrant his contributions in blocks. I'd say target Lopez/Gordon but neither of them are a guarantee to stay healthy all season so it's a huge risk for you and probably overpaying in his mind. I think you need to just ride out your situation because your team looks just fine.


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