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  • Fedor Fedor Dec 8, 2012 4:21 AM Flag

    I'm torn... Should I drop Rip Hamilton for Enes Kanter?

    I'm in a super competitive 15 team league, and Kanter is available on the wire.

    I'm already getting smashed this week due to no Davis/Lopez/Rip, so I don't HAVE to make a move, but I'm wondering if the prospect of a 20+ minute Kanter is better than the guaranteed 30+ minutes that Rip will be getting when he gets back...

    Part of me says to do it, because Rip isn't worth holding onto for 2-3 more weeks, and Bellinelli might steal some of his shine once he gets back... but then again, the guy was putting up some MASSIVE lines right up until he got hurt.

    Kanter, on the other hand, is this huge ball of potential that just always seems to never get PT, regardless of the occasion. Hell, it took BOTH big Al and Favors to be out for him to finally crack 30 minutes.

    Do I take the gamble on Kanter? Or do I stick with the guy that I know will give me guaranteed production?

    I could really use some advice. Thanks.

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