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  • Gabriel Gabriel Dec 1, 2012 3:40 PM Flag

    Need help? I will answer all your questions!

    I am thinking of dropping amare and I was wondering if I should pick up bargnani or jamison?
    Also I was thinking of trading someone to get another point guard (more assists). Who do you think I should trade for and what would be a reasonable trade? Or should I pick up a point guard like Jameer Nelson or George Hill? Any other suggestions would be great.
    I am in a 8 owner h2h non-keeper league.
    This my team:
    N. Batum
    Klay Thompson
    Paul George

    Some free agents are: Kidd-Gilchrist, Kidd, Richardson, Isaiah Thomas, Jared Dudley, Kirilenko and Glen Davis

    • If Jameer Nelson or George Hill are free agents in your league i would pick them up immediately and drop Stoudemire for one of them instead of Bargs or Jamison. Your team looks solid in blocks and three point shooting but definitely could use some more assits, points and rebounds. If you want more details please post this question on my blog in the comment section. Hope this helps, cheers!