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  • minks minks Nov 24, 2012 8:39 PM Flag

    trade help

    Andy V, Evan Turner and Mike Dunleavy
    Klay Thompson, Nikola Pekovic and Mike Beasley

    I've some nicely producing Bigs (Timmy, Monroe and Kaman) but Andy is on fire so far this year and his touches will increase somewhat with Kyrie out I think. Be that as it may I'm dead last in threes (we count 3pts made only) but im worried about Klays lack of production so far and Beas is a mess although I rarely play ET and Mike D can be inconsistent and/or hurt. So Beas would replace turner on the bench, Klay would get burn instead of MD and Pek would warm my bench until he picks it up as well. Good Trade? Feels almost like Andy for Klay and that's bad. I could punt 3's and still be in contention...


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