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  • roger roger Nov 24, 2012 8:11 PM Flag


    how does the league total the scorces to see who is in what place, this is my 1st. yr. in the league

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    • I'm assuming you are trying a roto league. Ok, in a standard 12 team league you have 9 categories with a maximum of 12 points (a point for each team in the league). 12 points means your team gets the most stats in that category 1 means you have the least. You need to build a team that gives you the most stats from all of the categories. The scoring is determined by totaling the scores from each category, per team, and the team that has the most total points from this at the end of the season is the winner. The points are not permanent and are not cumulative. Just because you jump out ahead in the beginning and hit the 90s doesn't mean you can't lose that if your team hits a slump and someone else's team blows up and catches you. In a roto league you have to be prepared to do something major to your team every single day until you have a team of players who produce their stats every single night.

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