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  • DeVoe DeVoe Nov 15, 2012 9:06 AM Flag

    Durant/Nash for Westbrook/Josh Smith

    The offer was originally Paul/Smith, but he didn't want to have 3 OKC players on his roster. I think with Westbrook it's still a good trade. Thoughts?

    Salary cap dynasty league so there is more than just the offer. Players are signed to contracts $ and years. When their contract is up they are bid on and the owner has the right to resign them. Only FA at the end of this season is Smith.

    Without this knowledge. What do you think of the deal?

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    • Anyone?

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      • Kevin Durant is entrenched in the fantasy stratosphere right now. In every type of league there is, he is arguably the most valuable piece you can have. I would not surrender him for anything at all. Westbrook is a star in his own right, but his impact is no where close to Durant's. Smith has nice contributions as well, but he is even further down the ladder. If Westbrook and Smith were having career years right now it might give me reason to pause, but as is this deal is a no-go. Nash is waning somewhat(the new coach's system should inflate his stats a tad) and is just a bonus here. if it were Durant by himself for the other 2, I would still pass on it.


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