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    Just traded away Lebron James. Any opinions?

    I traded away Lebron James and Tyreke Evans (Who has been a huge bust so far this season -_-) for Dirk Nowitzki, Andrew Bynum and Kyle Lowry who are all currently injured. I know this is a very high risk/ high reward type of trade but any thoughts on this trade would be greatly appreciated.

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    • You are an idiot... you just traded that #1 pick for 3 injured guys and threw in a decent player to boot. If what I read further down is true that there is a game cap it's even worse because for all the games these 3 have missed you will be plugging in a lesser player to reach that cap. DUMB MOVE!!!

    • 1. Dirk Nowitzki, Andrew Bynum and Kyle Lowry - neither of these guys are first round picks
      2. Lebron is not just a first round pick - he is a 1/2 pick of a draft.
      3. And its not Lebron for 3 injured players --- but the guy who just got Lebron he just freed himself two roster spaces that he can rotate to get extra games in so there is huge value in that
      3. Kyle lowry will get injured again - he is very injury prone....Andrew Bynum has a history of injuries and Dirk may sit more as he is getting really old....You are taking on those risks where with Lebron you have very low risk and high reward already...your point about high risk high reward is fine, but even if they dont get injured and your risk pays off its not as high as you think as lebron + rotating waiver wire picks ups are just as good as dirk bynum and lowry

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      • What you said would be perfect for a head to head league but I am in a rotisserie league with an 84 game cap at each position. Dirk / Bynum are first round picks, they were ranked top 12. Also Lowry is playing like a first rounder and I do agree with everything you said but I always love to take risks in fantasy so hopefully this will work out for the best for me. If I can stay at the top 4 till January and the three players I traded for are playing by then. I will feel very good about my chances of taking the #1 spot.

    • Bad trade. Lebron + tyreke wold be fair for all those guys healthy but you are getting them injured. You have to factor in that all those 3 players might still get injured later whereas Lebron never gets injured.

    • I think if you can get past the next month when Nowitzki will get back (Lowry will be back sooner than that) anywhere in the middle of your league, then things start looking better. Bynum comes back a month after them and hopefully Nowitzki and Lowry will contribute enough to hold you in position in league. Also, who's the player on your team that you're dropping?

    • O and btw my current roster is - Lebron James, Rajon Rondo, Tyreke Evans, Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay, Evan Turner, Glen Davis, Greivis Vasquez, Kevin Martin and Joakim Noah.


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