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  • AdamP AdamP Oct 31, 2012 6:20 PM Flag

    James Harden for Josh Smith?

    I have Harden. too me it's kinda a no brainer, Yes accept. But I would appreciate some feedback,Thanks
    Not sure what type of numbers harden will put up on Rockets.

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    • Their values are close(considering Harden is now in Houston as the go-to guy). Harden is much better for %s and 3s, whereas Smith is much better in rebs, blks, and stls. Depends on what your team needs. I own Harden(traded for him) and his stats suit my team better than Smith's would, ergo, I would not trade Harden to get Smith. However, if you wish your team to be strong in the 3 aforementioned stats Smith brandishes, I would certainly part with Harden to get him. Smith won't do you any favors in the % depts, but Harden won't measurably help you in blks and rebs.

      After one huge game in Houston, many may put Harden on a pedestal, but I am interested to see what he settles into. With Joe Johnson gone, Smith may be called on to do more offensively, so his value may see an uptick. Like I said, I consider them close at the moment and they make for a fair trade.

    • Keep Harden cuz he is now a franchise player as opposed to being just the sixth man at OKC. He wants to show the world why he is worth more than what OKC was offering him. With that kind of motivation and being the center of attention franchise player in Houston, he is bound to make huge stats! So ya, definitely go with Harden.

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      • It depends on the setup of the leauge. That's what everyone who responded is not looking at, but that is by far the main thing.

        In a standard format, you take Josh Smith and run. Harden will have games like this, and he will also have games where goes 2 of 27 from the field and not much else. Josh Smith is bigtime underated in fantasy.

        Now, if your setup has a/t ratio and extra benefits for 3's and points then you go Harden.

        But again, in standard scoring, Josh Smith is way better.

    • I would lean towards Harden. The Rockets have no offensive structure so they will run pick and roll all day, a system that Harden thrives in. Both should be ranked a later first rounder so it depends on which one would fit your roster better. It is a fair trade, and to me, I would build my roster around Harden just to have something exciting to root for this season.

    • Josh Smith hands down. Harden ppg might go up but % could go down, but still dont see harden avg 25 ppg


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