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  • Chiefdogg Chiefdogg Oct 24, 2012 5:36 PM Flag

    1 spot left Auction Keeper H2H 20 teams draft 10/27th 1pm ET Please read info before joining

    League ID#: 78300

    League Name:

    International League Year 1

    Password: nba

    This is a 1st year free auction keeper league. The draft is Saturday the 27th 1pm ET

    All TEAM names must have a CITY name and MASCOT.

    This is going to be a little more like real life management with some of the designs I have for keepers, free agency and the salary cap. It is a league designed to give others every opportunity to rise up while also enabling top managers to remain on top if they really put in the work.

    Most of the settings are based on a very successful keeper league I have been involved in for 8 years.

    I increased the spending to $250 per team for the auction.

    Players on waivers will go through a bidding process before they clear waivers. Each team will have $100 for their waiver budget.

    This is going to be for injured players only. Teams are only allowed to carry 12 healthy players meaning you may have to drop 1 player after the draft a $1 pick.

    We are looking for teams willing to make a long term commitment, Im sure many of you will be familiar with others from different leagues.

    There will be 7 total keepers 1 must be a ROOKIE and 1 must be a SOPHOMORE.

    Im willing to listen to others if they have any predraft input and Im also looking for a Co-Commissioner.

    You will be able to trade future funding as part of trades. I am thinking about adding $50 to every non playoff team.

    We will add interest on players kept over 2 years, to force free agency and change. This is too keep things interesting and should prevent over dominant teams and give others hope. When teams are doomed to be in the cellar for too many seasons they lose interest. Here they have an opportunity of obtaining Lebron James or others when they become too expensive for someone to keep. All players kept are under contract even through trade until they are no longer kept. The percentages will be voted on by the league.

    If a team goes unchecked for an extended period of time we will send a quick reminder and if it is not addressed we will find new ownership. If you are very busy we suggest adding a co- owner to help.

    All teams are asked to have an open email so you can be contacted by all teams in the offseason. An offseason site will be setup at a later date.

    Make sure to Vote on the polls, this is a league we will build together.

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