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  • bk bk Oct 17, 2012 11:55 PM Flag

    Hello who wins this trade

    Team A, because of the star power, wins.

    I look at it like this: It would be doubtful anyone would give up Westbrook for Horford and Terry(unless they really needed a big and had plenty of pg depth). Westbrook, being a high 1st-rounder, is simply too valuable.

    Anthony Davis and Marcin Gortat have value for sure, but it is unlikely they could net Aldridge(who is early 2nd-round/close to 1st round value).

    One major key to success is fantasy basketball is to pack as much talent into the fewest players as possible(thus having players that can be dropped to accommadate the FAs that inevitably emerge). You want the starting lineup to be powerful even at the expense of your bench. Many team owners subscribe to this, and will shun a trade in which they give up 2 great players for 4 good ones.

    PS: If you own Davis, hold onto him until he busts out with some big games and THEN offer him out(his value will be higher later on).

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