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  • Tom Tom Mar 25, 2012 6:09 AM Flag

    How to protest trades?

    I'm in a league where the commish has two teams and has monopolized the league since the beginning. Now he has proposed a trade between his two teams that is extremely unfair. How can I protest this trade?

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    • Just give him a terrible rating as a manager...not much u can do...how did he get /u let him have 2 teems?!?! 2 cheat n fantasy sports iz so damn sad...

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      • Well the trade did get vetoed I got enough attention with the rant I posted against him. Now I have another team working with me to trade his studs for my average guys because the commish screwed him over. Honestly I feel like thats cheating a bit. I like my chances if everything stays the same. Thanks everyone for your advice.

    • Simple, unless it's for money, then stop worrying about it, just quit the league, block it out of your mind ;p .
      You can't change the terrible commish, he has a sad life if he plays that way, and I wouldn't even want to know him in reality.
      I'm guessing it's not public, and it must not be for money or all the other players would be pissed. You're wasting your time just posting about it and worrying.
      That's life, and reporting it to Yahoo won't do anything for you, unless you try endlessly. You have to know the commish before you join, or at least others in the league that will protest. You should've never joined that league.

    • Sounds reasonable.

    • It baffles me that people play like that. Cheat to win....but I will send him a message and call him out on it....better yet I'll send him a message and hopefully win in the finals:) Thanks all for your advice I appreciate it.

    • Yes I have been burned too, but I want to believe the best in people until I have been burned by a specific individual and then I don't hold it against anyone else, just that person. He suggests to believe the worst in people from the start, bad way to play fantasy sports or live life in general. I also am not afraid to create havoc when a commish cheats like this because there is little that can be done to make things fair. Being a commish for many years has given me pause to condemn other managers until they prove they are cheaters.

    • I know he would have vetoed the trade because he did vetoed reasonable trades early in the year that didn't go through. So I asked him how many people need to veto a trade to make sure a trade not to go through and he never answered me.

    • It would be interesting to know if your commish would have vetoed the trade you had proposed.

    • Nobody is paying attention except one guy thats in last place and I explain whats going on to him and tried to trade his studs with my ok guys so I could at least win against the cheater but he declined the trade. I still may have a chance to win because I have done well even though the guy has monopolized the league.

    • Probably have to email the league to get your point across to the other owners without the commish knowing about what you are attempting to do. You'll probably find out that most managers have already quit paying attention to the league because of the commish and thus getting them all to quit is probably a waste of time. If the commish learns that you are trying to get everyone to quit, he'll most likely lock you out of everything.

    • You are in a league where the commish owns 2 teams? There's only one thing to do... convice everyone to quit... if for some reason you'll end up in the final against him he'll bench all your players and lock your team, they always play like this... join leagues where you know the commish or where at least 6 other managers renewed thier teams in that league... by doing this you will never end up in league like that

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