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  • Jake Jake Mar 7, 2012 9:02 PM Flag

    Rate My Team! A4A

    Hey yall, just need your guys' opinion on my situation..
    Was looking for advice on my team, such as my weakest link and who I should probably drop.. FA's below.
    All input appreciated! A4A

    8 Team H2H League
    Current roster:

    Stephen Curry - PG
    John Wall - PG
    Steve Nash - PG
    Jordan Crawford - PG, SG
    Kevin Martin - SG
    DeMar DeRozan - SG, SF
    Paul George - SG, SF
    Kevin Durant - SF
    Ersan Ilyasova - SF, PF
    Drew Gooden - PF, C
    DeMarcus Cousins - PF, C
    Chris Kaman - PF, C
    Andrew Bynum - C

    Here's who's left at the top of the Free Agency.
    I was thinking of dropping Crawford for N. Young and George for Maggette, let me know what you think..

    Free Agency:
    Nick Young - SG, SF
    Corey Maggette - SF, PF
    Thaddeus Young - SF, PF
    Raymond Felton - PG, SG
    Rodney Stuckey - PG, SG
    Mario Chalmers - PG
    Bismack Biyombo - PF, C



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