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  • Sam Sam Feb 17, 2012 3:36 AM Flag

    Traed Advice

    I was proposed a trade which would net me Lin/Rondo while giving up CP3/Greg Monroe. Obviously, that's a pretty idiotic offer that I will not accept. However, I'm thinking if I can reconfigure that deal. I have Lin in another league and he's been great but I don't think it's worthy of a CP3 trade.

    So what can I do? Should I propose CP3/Monroe for Lin/Dirk or Lin/Griffin? Or what about expanding it to CP3/Monroe/Stuckey for Lin/Rondo/Griffin to offset the value of Lin in case he crashes? I can also sub Stuckey for Afflalo or Dorell Wright. Thoughts?

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    • CP3 has not been playing that great this year ...

      Rondo has been tearing it up ... and well Lin is Lin.

      If you can spare losing a big man and you need more guard help ... then it's a no brainer really ... the trade with griffin included will never be accepted.

    • If I were you, I would stay put and keep CP3 and Monroe. I like them better than any combination of Lin/Dirk or Lin/Blake.

    • the only thing tahts clsoe there is the 3 player deal, rondo/lin/griffin is a decent trade for cp3 and monroe...although your FT% is destroyed. The otehrd eals are now here near, and its not if lin crashes - melo is back soon and JR smith is coming = 2 of the biggest gunners/hogs in the world. Lin will be a 12-7 guy with a steal and tahts it. he will be crashing and I wouldnt even be trading for him let alone in a deal giving up cp3. the lin/dirk and lin/griffin offers are terrible no way id do either of those.

    • What exactly does your team need? Statistically speaking, CP3/Greg Monroe are much better than Lin/Rondo (unless you are in dire need of AST)...and if you need AST, why trade away CP3?

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      • The team is actually pretty good, just mismanaged for 6 weeks so I stepped in last week and it was already at 12-41-1. I took it 7-2 last week and looking to go 9-0 this week so I actually do not have to make any major moves. If only I have time to turn it around til the playoffs.

        But the Lin trades intrigue me. I have Lin in my primary league and have a deep selection of PGs so I'm fishing if another guy picks Lin for Monroe. I hope that pans out.

        Thanks guys.


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