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  • Jhe-sang Jhe-sang Feb 4, 2012 7:18 PM Flag

    Ok is this a rip off trade or not in my league

    Guy is trading Barbosa, Rudy F, and Rip Hamilton for Mike Conley and Iguodala. It's a league where me and all the people in it know each other in rl and stuff. I'm saying it's a god damn swindle and it should be vetoed immediately, the friend I know whose doing it is saying it's fair.

    CAN anyone help me understand how this is a fair trade.

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    • I really don't understand the minds of some fantasy sports managers. How anyone could spend a huge chunk of change or top draft pick on a player(s) only to trade them for some waiver wire trash or hot hand is beyond me.

      I see it SO OFTEN, though. I just had a trade go through of Al Jefferson for Ariza and Boubieus. HERE'S THE KICKER. The idiot manager that was GETTING JEFFERSON posted a message on the league board asking everyone to VETO the trade because Jefferson was injured. That's right, because Jefferson was out for two or three games with an injury.

      He even said, "I don't want to lose two of my valuable players for an injured guy".


      I just can't understand how anyone can justify the loss in value. And I also don't know which manager was a bigger moron.

      Ask your buddies to explain how they value their players, and how that trade could possibly be fair considering the rankings (season or production).

      Seriously, there are really two kinds of managers out there. The kind that realize how ridiculous such trades really are, and those that have no clue.

      What sucks is when a savvy manager knows he is taking advantage of an idiot and gets away with it. That is when a veto should definitely be used.


    • If that is a fair trade, then the Redskins and the Browns will play in a Super Bowl before the end of this decade lol.

    • I would withdraw my team from the league if that trade was approved. Conley and Iguodala for 2 guys who don't start and a broke down Rip Hamilton way past his prime??????? Really?????????????????

    • was he bribed?


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