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  • payaam j payaam j Dec 15, 2011 5:12 PM Flag

    Partaking in a draft in minutes, youbet

    This is a very skilled leauge, it is for in tune players. It is 12 man roto with 10 cats, I added a/t, and 3pt%. It is auction and those in already are active and honed in, if you get in you need to be also.

    Those who want to get in, you have to be at the draft, you have to want to play unprompted all year and be active in trade attempts and management of your team. Not looking for first time players who are experimenting, looking for solid players.

    The league id is 50143 and the password is playaz. We draft 19 players, but our budget is 275, so you can spend about the same per player as in reg lueages. If you get in, get into the draft room a half hour early, dont wait till the final minutes to get in, play it safe.

    Good luck


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