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    NBA returning keeper league needs up to 4 replacement owners

    I have 4 teams that I am looking to replace. We are allowed to keep 5 players from last year's final roster. But each keeper replaces the round they were drafted last year. So the one team took Deron Williams in the 1st round. If you want him as one of your 5 keepers, he gets placed in as your first round pick before the draft. Here are the four teams, email me at robertguyette@hotmail.com if you are interested in one of them. First one to ask, gets first choice. All people who are waived at some point become 9th round picks.

    Team 1
    1. Stephen Curry 2.Tim Duncan 3.Mo Williams 4. Marcus Thornton 5. Trevor Ariza 6. Brendan Haywood 7. Anderson Varejao 8. Spencer Hawes 9. Ramon Sessions 10. Steve Blake 11. DeJuan Blair12. Anthony Parker 13. Thabo Sefolosha (dead team from day 1, great late picks, brutal middle rounds) Will get the 1st overall pick in the draft, so no need to keep Curry, because you could draft him if you want.

    Team 2
    1.Rajon Rondo2.Jason Kidd 3.Baron Davis 4. Devin Harris 5.Vince Carter 6.Mehmet Okur 7.Charlie Villanueva 8.Kelenna Azubuike 9. Jamario Moon 10.Ben Wallace 11.Ryan Anderson 12.Brandon Rush 13. Chuck Hayes
    (The other dead from day one team. This year I will replace owners, now that Yahoo made it easier. But they will have the 3rd overall pick, so rondo who looks like an inspired pick, probably isn't a keeper. Oh yeah, this team probably warrents me bringing up, you DON'T have to keep anyone if you don't want, or as many up to 5 as you want.)
    Team 3
    1. Deron Williams or Gerald Wallace 2. Al Horford 3. Stephen Jackson 4. Jeff Green 5 Carl landry 6 Beno Udrih 9. Nick Young Corey Maggette Grant Hill Goran Dragic Matt Barnes
    (13th pick round 1 If looking to keep 2 of the 9th round guys, one gets bumped up to an 8th rounder. This is what most teams tended to look like at the end. And only one of Deron Williams or Wallace can be kept, because you can't bump a guy up a round earlier if you have two 1st's)
    Team 4
    2. Nene Hilario, 3 antawn Jamison, 5 Kirelenko, 7 Reggie Williams, 8 Kirk Hinrich, 9 JJ Hickson, Daniel Gibson, Kwame Brown, Derick Fischer, Tracy McGrady, Mikael Pietrus, Andres Nocioni, Samuel Dalembert
    (6th pick in the first round


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