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  • kavvyr kavvyr Mar 6, 2011 8:03 PM Flag

    did i do gud on trade?

    gave: Dwight Howard(10G), Stephen Curry(10G), kyle lowry(9G),
    Got: Brook Lopez(12G), Dwyane Wade(10G), Monta Ellis(10G)
    G= how many games they play during playoffs.

    My commish changed the playoffs to week 22, 23, 24. but i know it looks a bad trade but howard has 16 techs and if he gets 2 more than he misses a game! i dont need assists i usually win in that category.

    H2H 8cat team in 2nd place (3's, pts, rbs, ast, stl,blck, to)
    -Jose Calderon
    -Dwyane Wade
    -Steve Nash
    -Nick Young
    -Jason Terry
    -Ray Allen
    -Monta Ellis
    -Dwyane Wade

    -Serge Ibaka
    -Kris Humphries
    -Lebron James

    -Brook Lopez
    -Marcin Gortat
    -Joakim Noah


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