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  • Rock_City Rock_City Feb 26, 2011 5:31 PM Flag

    Rate my playoff chances

    I'm currently in 4th place & could possibly be in 3rd by next week.
    How's my team look for the tournament?
    Gs-Rondo, Stucky, Gionobli
    Fs-DeRozen, Deng, Batum
    Cs-G. Davis, Blake Griffin
    Utl-Hill, Carter
    BN-Ben Wallace, Charlie V.,Arenas

    I was thinking about pickin up Harden & dropping Arenas. Or should I just leave things the way they are since I'm doing well?
    I'm also trying to trade for Gallinari. I offered Arenas & Batum. Any suggestions that might give me a better chance of landing?

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    • heres my big concern.
      you are too invester in the pistons and it will be your downfall coming playoffs. the pistons have the worsT schedule i believe 9 games. compare that to boston, pacers, kings, who have 12 games and theres many teams with 11. i would check out some trades before deadline to get rid, my advice is try package 2 for one deals or 1 for 1 just to get ride of them and maybe free space up to grab FA on a team that has more games to help overall stats.

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      • I know but I'm a Pistons fan. I've just started doing this fantasy stuff & it's still kinda hard seperating fanatic from fantasy team. Plus I started off w/only Stucky & Charlie then ran into C problems & picked up Big Ben. & they just helped me out tremendously. I dropped Wallace @ 1 point & my defensive stats took a major dive. But I see he'll be out cuz his bro died. So I gotta go shoppin. Thanx 4 the advice

    • who ever your trading for Galinari wont bite unless you offer an amzing deal or is stupid (galinari is basically the #1 scoring option for Denver now) Batum will get benched by G Wallace,get rid of him. Arenas is sad, As stated above, try and get a C, perhaps Monroe considering the ordeal with Detriot, hes the main 5 guy down there. Budinger is a good take right now as well. Perhaps Gerald Henderson too. (if they available.)

    • You're very weak at center. Drop Arenas for a center.


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