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  • Space7 Space7 Feb 8, 2011 3:00 AM Flag

    Please Rate My Team!

    H2H 12Team 9 Cata
    PG Dwyane Wade
    SG Carlos Delfino
    G Vince Carter
    G Eric Gordon
    SF Richard Jefferson
    PF Blake Griffen
    F Amir Johnson
    F Lemarcus Aldridge
    C J.J. Hickson
    C Dejuan Blair
    Util Rudy Fernandez
    Util Aaron Afflalo
    BN Derrick Favors
    BN Jordan Farmar
    BN Jonny Flynn
    BN Brandon Bass

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    • I give it a 4/10... How did you draft this team? I don't know who you took after Wade... You need guys who can get blocks, assists, steals... basically every cat aside from just scoring and maybe rebounds (griffin and aldridge should cover you there, though I can't be sure in a 12 team league, and ft% is offset by Griffin). I think you should see if you can trade Wade for Dwight Howard to see if you can solidify blks/rebs (Griffin throws ft% cat anyway), or if you take a different route, try Wade for CP3 or Rondo to get assists. Gordon or Aldridge might also be a good offer for someone like Devin Harris or J Kidd who can get you some assists you desperately need. Felton or Calderon might also be good 2nd-tier players to target if you can't get CP3 or Rondo (offer someone like Gordon or Aldridge). Good luck! Hope this helps.

    • Please rate my team 1-10. How do I improve on my team?


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