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  • cozzel cozzel Jan 29, 2011 11:34 AM Flag

    Garnett Dirtiest Players in the NBA

    I don't do a lot of talking or comment but and I'm a Hater of that Team in Bean town u know what I hate all Teams in Boston period. and this goes back to my days as a Sixer Fan b4 A.I. or Barkley I was a Sixer's Fan when My fav player ever played Dr.J Julius ERVINGGGGG, but back to what I saw on sports center today . I'm tired of seeing bum ass K.G. doing his dirty play shit talking and everybody saying it's his passion for the game. that's BS it's what it is Dirty play and being a soar loser he can dish it out but can't take it and now that he is winning some games he cant be humble to save is life . But he can get on TV and cry to Coach John Thompson how tired he was of losing n playing hurt, BS ur a soar loser and all that shyt u talk didn't mean nothing with the Wolves when Duncan was skooling u down in the Post. or when shaq was doing u dirty with the lakers. I never seen or having passion for the game and smacking somebody in the head( wat he did to duncan) or throwing elbows, or saying a player look like a cancer patience and hitting players in the nuts as passion it's being dirty, wat he doing is no different then wat R. Artests' do. at least we know that Artest is a lil ReRe 4real, it's time for some body to chin check that ass because I know if he was in the old NBA he would had been got floored . where I come from n played ball the two toughest people on the block or court had to cross path some where and usually the one with the biggest mouth had no fight and I know K.G has No fight in him!!!!

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