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  • kavvyr kavvyr Jan 25, 2011 8:49 PM Flag

    Kendrick Perkins OR kris humphries?

    I'm in a Head to head league that has 12 teams total. 3pts, pts, rbs, ast, stl, blk, to

    ---My Roster
    -Jose Calderon
    -Tony Parker
    -Brandon Jennings

    -Jamal Crawford
    -Jason Terry
    -Ray Allen

    -Nick Young
    -Ryan Anderson
    -Rudy Gay
    -DROP Kris Humphries for Kendrick Perkins?

    -Joakim Noah
    -Dwight Howard
    -Amar'e Stoudemire

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    • humpries is a povren rebound machine and could get double double from time to time. Plus he has a decent field goal percentage. his primary downside i would say is his free throw.

      perkins on the other hand is a project that needs finishing. the celtics are going to bring him in slowly, maybe limit his minutes. even if he gets back into rotation, he might be rusty and wont get back into form in another 3-4 weeks. he could obtain similar stats to kris except his ft% is god awful, worse than kris

      i'd stick with kris

    • I just made the same pickup and drop. Humpfries FT percentage is horrible, besides rebounding he isn't that great. Good , but not great. I think Perkins will perform better in the long run, down the stretch. More than Likely Humpfries will be available again at some point or the rest of the season. I've picked him up and dropped him 2 times this season. That's just my opinion, Perkins is hungry to play.

    • I wouldn't. Even at his best, the only thing Davis does better is block shots. Coming back from injury, I doubt he'll do much of that. Stick with Humphries and the huge edge in rebounds.


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