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  • kavvyr kavvyr Jan 4, 2011 11:36 PM Flag

    Amare for Lebron James? ya or nay

    I'm in a Head to head league that has 14 teams total. 3pts, pts, rbs, ast, stl, blk, to

    ---My Roster
    -Luke Ridnour
    -Jamal Crawford
    -Jason Terry
    -Ray Allen
    -Tony Parker
    -Brandon Jennings

    -Nick Young
    -Richard Jefferson
    -Rudy Gay

    -Anderson Varejao
    -Joakim Noah
    -Dwight Howard
    -Amar'e Stoudemire TRADE for LBJ?

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    • keep amare and dont listen to the guy right above me, season ends before playoffs start

    • By all means take LBJ, hewill go further into the playoff than Amare.
      Amare can't carry the team after the allstar break.

    • I agree with CWitt, I think the trade is fair, but you should probably keep Stoudemire.

    • 1st of all, I think the trade is fair. Secondly, I think I personally would take LBJ. Both are great and both would help your team, and their stats are so similar in most categories, that i think it ultimately comes down to which category you need most.
      Points, FG%, FT%, TO's and steals are all very similar. Beyong that, Amar'e averages 2 more rebounds per game, and has more blocks, while Lebron averages nearly 5 more assists per game and has more 3's.

      So if you take out the similar stats, you come down to 1 side giving you more rebounds/blocks, and the other side giving you more assists and 3's. Which would benefit your team more?

      After giving all those stats, I still think Lebron has more of a chance of staying at a similar level to where he is right now than Amar'e. I think Amar'e will cool off a bit before the season's through, but that is just my opinion.

    • I'd make the trade. LBJ is playing better as the season progresses. I disagree with the previous post about the TOs. First off, both LBJ and Amare are averaging the same amount of TOs. Also, most of LBJ's TOs happened in the beginning of the season while he was getting used to his new teammates. On the other hand, Amare has increased in TOs as the season progresses.

      Even if you are in a two center league, I'd still make the trade because LBJ is a great trade bait.

    • It would be a fair trade off, but honestly, you don't need lebron. You already look like you're good with assists and prolly can live without lebrons turnovers. Amare is better for rebounds and blocks. Not to mention, with Noah out, you'll need Amare's rebounds anyway to contend in that category. And another thing to note, come playoff time (in fantasy basketball), Lebron will be resting for his playoff run while Amare will likely be needed to play for the Knicks to battle for a decent playoff position. I say stick with Amare for the reasons i mentioned. He's playing his heart out at the moment and I believe itll continue for the rest of the season as well.

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      • WHAT?

        Lebron is not going to rest for the Playoffs...He offers a double-double potential triple-double every game. You say he's good with assists, from who? He's good on 3's...terrible on assists. He's got Dwight Howard for Rebounds and Blocks. Looking at this roster he's probably bottom 3 in turnovers anyway. When fantasy playoffs come, you just need to win in 5 categories. He's got 3's, points, rebounds, and blocks for sure. Make the trade...Amare doesn't even contribute that many blocks or rebounds for his position (...by the way) and Lebron can help out with assists, steals, and secure you with rebounds and points. Make the trade!!!

      • thanx for ur reply boom shaka laka! i really thought ur reasoning was accurate and unbiased! so tru about LBJ being rested for the playoffs! ur smart!

    • KEEP AMARE.....


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