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  • Leon Leon Nov 6, 2010 2:10 PM Flag

    Mayo/Bogut for Afflalo/Rose

    Here's my team:

    PG Derrick Rose
    SG Aaron Afflalo
    G Rajon Rondo
    SF Boris Diaw
    PF Javale McGee
    F Luol Deng
    C Zach Randolph
    C Pau Gasol
    Util Mike Conley
    Util Eric Gordon
    BN Samuel Dalembert
    BN Glen Davis
    BN Jeff Green

    Granted, now with Randolph back I'm guessing I can be solid on rebounds, and although Rose does have high value, I think that Afflalo could potentially be upgraded.

    But with Bogut being so flaky, I'm not sure. Any thoughts based on how my team is structured?

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    • Hi,

      It depends on what type of league you are in and how the scoring is done. If you are in a points league, then do it. The points league often are weighted towards players like Bogut. If you are in a league where you have to score well in 9 different stat categories, then I wouldn't because right now you can win or do well in assists, steals, etc. and Bogut won't put you over the top in rebounds, blocks, etc. Afflalo seems better to me for steals and three pointers than Mayo.