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  • Steven Steven Nov 5, 2010 2:48 PM Flag

    need some advice (experienced owners only)

    I'm in a 12 team h2h league, kind of concerned that my team is a little too stacked in the 3PTM and AST departments...would appreciate any ideas or a simple rating from 1-10

    Jason Kidd
    Raymond Felton
    Brandon Jennings
    Carlos Delfino
    Rodney Stuckey
    DJ Augustin
    James Jones
    Danny Granger
    Joakim Noah
    Andrew Bogut
    JaVale McGee
    Reggie Evans (for REB)
    Amir Johnson (hoping to get Kaman off waiver)

    I realize that I drafted a LOT of guards, but I'm hoping that means other ppl are willing to give up good forwards for some AST/3PTM to compete with me, any ideas on players I should pursue? If not, how would you rate this team 1-10?

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    • i think your fine for now. i wouldnt make any assumptions, i'd wait for the hard date of 3-4 weeks of games. (or if your really want, you can crunch the numbers yourself)

      position is not important in h2h (or roto neither). it's hard to tell where you stand right now, but you do have enough big men stats to at least compete. i would venture a guess that your weakest cats are FG% and PTS and TOs. you are also likely loosing FT%. you are probably below avg in BLKs.

      you should trade the guard you can get the best value for (wait for one of them to get hot, then trade him)

    • even though that's what you think... your rebs are legit with noah and bogut...

      i'd dump amir for sammy d if he's available and put the waiver for kaman using reggie

      i would say your assists are just fine where they're at... it's a little above average and that's exactly what you want... you don't want to be way above average because then you're getting assists u don't need... but u want it above average to consistently win that cat every week...

      either way you have to get rid of mcgee or evans on your team... with j kidd already there, points will be tough with these 3 guys not making many buckets...

    • keep kidd and felton (u only need 3 PGs total). stuckey and augustin are expendable, so trade them for a SF/PF or a SG/SF. if its a 12 team, 9cat, 13 player roster, u have too many specialists that are only useful in deeper leagues (jones, evans)...there should be better options on the waiver wire. if you can get kaman off waivers for amir johnson, than ur team will be set at C

    • felton and granger for a center A grade

      stuckey and jennings for a center B grade


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