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    I think I may I might be able to afford letting a 3 pt shooter go, so I was trying to decide between marco belinelli, anthony morrow, and linus kleiza to trade for a big man who gets blocks. I didn't want to pull of any blockbusters, so I targeted Javale mcgee, also because now he's the starter with haywood gone and not much competition at the center position, and I think he could have a sick year since his per-minute averages are pretty sick. I decided to trade Belinelli, but was completely not paying attention and accidentally clicked morrow (on my list of players when I call up a trade, belinelli and morrow happen to be right next to each other, and I think I was just tired, not paying that close attention, and did not have my contacts in. The guy accepted the trade...I could still see it being really good for me if Mcgee breaks out like I think he could, but I would have preferred to give up Kleiza like my original intent was. Kleiza has more shot opportunities, and he can get three's like Morrow, though Morrow shoots a higher percentage. Morrow has Devin Harris and Brook Lopez getting the majority of the shots, and then troy murphy will also get outside looks when he comes back...and Morrow's start has been kinda so-so, so just don't know if I should try to get the trade rescinded, and also whether you think Kleiza, Morrow, or Belinelli will be the least valuable in fantasy this year (so I can possibly re-work the trade since I really didn't mean to click Morrow). Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

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    • I'd let it fly. Everything happens for a reason. Catch up on your sleep will ya. I'm a big Morrow fan but he's off to a very slow start with his new team. I would not be surprized when the dust settles he's just sitting in the trash pile I don't think anyone would waste a waiver on him the way he's playin, so set the alarm and get up early and pick him up if you feel it was a mistake. If he's gone it was meant to be and you'll see you will survive. Good luck

    • talk 2 ur league commisioner n have him straighten it out.


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