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  • Space7 Space7 Oct 27, 2010 2:40 AM Flag

    Rate On My First Team! NEED HELP!

    This is my first fantasy team. Please give advice on the lineup.
    Weakness and Strength?

    H2H 12 Team
    PG Dwayne Wade
    SG Brandon Roy
    G Vince Carter
    G Eric Gordan
    SF Ron Artest
    PF Blake Griffen
    F Dejuan Blair
    F Lemarcus Aldridge
    C Yao Ming
    C Jason Thomson
    Util Travis Outlaw
    Util Richard Jefferson
    BN Derrick Favors
    BN Kyle Kover
    BN Ty Lawson
    BN Omri Casspi

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    • Your pretty good with the SG, SF, and PF positions. Your about average in the C position. However, your very weak in PG position. If your playing head-to-head league this weakness will hurt you. What I recommend is that you find PG's that will help in the assists area. It might be hard to find good PG's that are free agents, so you might have make trades.


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