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  • John John Oct 26, 2010 2:40 PM Flag

    what do u think about this team

    Kevin Durant (OKC - SF)
    Derrick Rose (Chi - PG)
    Joe Johnson (Atl - SG,SF)
    Aaron Brooks (Hou - PG)
    Carlos Boozer (Chi - PF,C)
    Channing Frye (Pho - PF,C)
    Elton Brand (Phi - PF,C)
    Marcus Thornton (NO - SG)
    Shawn Marion (Dal - SF,PF)
    Jermaine O'Neal (Bos - C)
    Jonny Flynn (Min - PG)
    Grant Hill (Pho - SG,SF)
    Greg Monroe (Det - PF,C)

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    • your 1st 3 players are all awesome. after that i think maybe you should subcribe to BB digest.

    • Honestly I am not a big fan,
      The following players are in for dissapointing year:
      Frye, Johnson, Thornton, O'Neal, Flynn, Hill, Monroe and Boozer for the following reasons:
      Frye has been waiver wire garbage for every year except one, when he was with the Trailblazers. Expect him to continue his reign at being unusuable garbage. He does not pass the eye test. Thornton won't be starting and has been replaced with Bellini, who you should pick up if available. Think of him as the re-birth of Peja. Flynn and Boozer are injure for 2 + months. O'Neal is just getting older and has lost value years ago. Expect his numbers to continue to decline. I'd much rather have an upside guy here, including Favors. I'm also not sure Monroe will see much time in Detroit, maybe 10 minutes a game. He is logjammed behind Daye and Villanueva. By the time he gets playing time your team will be out of the playoffs.

      I do like Rose, Durant and Brand but the rest of your team I wouldnt think about drafting.

      I guess if you had a time machine and could go back 10 year you would have a power house. Basically you drafted the 2000 Dream Team

      Sorry buddy

    • u r lucky to have durrant... otherwise, that team is crap

    • Team looks good. Especially if you can play Brand at center and he stays healthy.


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