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  • b driven b driven Oct 26, 2010 1:32 PM Flag

    durant for josh smith and??

    hey guys im trynig to get value for kevin durant
    my team is that great on scoring so durant is all alone in that dept.
    im trying to give Durant for josh smith & another player but we are trying to figure out who i want and who hed give
    help me out guys

    my team:
    PG kidd
    SG j rich
    G brooks
    SF durant
    PF tyrus
    F anthony randolph
    C al jefferson
    UTIL turkoglu
    BN conley

    i tried to get his milsap but he rejected and countered with josh and jj hickinson

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    • dude don't trade durant unless ur getting two top 50 players in return. its an insult that that guy didnt accept millsap and smith and offered u hickson. u will win ft % in ur league if u hold on to him. Smith only gets better blocks than durant and is about equal in asts, fg%, stls and rebs, and is way worse in threes, ft% and points

    • I'd find another Center.

      But really it depends on what stats you're trying to boost. You say you're all set on Scoring, so what are you looking to increase?

      Durant isn't just a scorer, and if your using him to gain depth, then you should be looking to trade him for two 2nd round picks.

      Durant is Rated 1 in the game for a reason... He isn't just a scorer, he's above average in everything. He'll help you win the FT% by himself each week, not to mention help you out in each other category.

      You should be looking for value like Josh Smith and Millsap (and even that is an average deal for Durant) (Josh Smith + Brook Lopez would be better)

    • how bout smith and deng?


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