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  • Nick D Nick D Mar 23, 2010 1:18 AM Flag

    rate my playoff team please

    my public league team (12 teams) just made it to the semi-finals. (hooray for me right?) If you would like to, rate it from 1 to 10.

    PG Baron Davis (PG)

    SG Andre Iguodala (SG,SF)

    G George Hill (PG,SG)

    SF Lebron James (SF)

    PF Rashard Lewis (SF,PF)

    F Caron Butler (SG,SF)

    C Jermaine O'neal (C)

    C Brendan Haywood (C)

    Util Michael Beasley (SF,PF)

    Util Cory Maggette (SF,PF)

    B Grant Hill (SG,SF)
    B Jrue Holiday (PG,SG)
    B Anthony Morrow (SG,SF)
    B Rasheed Wallace (soon to be replaced by Drew Gooden)

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    • You have at least 3-4 movable spots in Holiday, Sheed, Morrow and Grant Hill.

      Who are the notable FAs?
      How many moves per week?
      Try to snag one more bigman.
      Gooden for Sheed is a good move.
      You might be a little short on 3s specially if Holiday cools down and Morrow getting inconsistent minutes.

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      • 5 moves per week. Yeah ur right they have lacked 3's, most likely bc Rashard have a rough season. Holiday i just picked up in place of Morrow bc hes getting way more minutes. Grant Hill has actually been doing it all the last few weeks check his #s

        Lebron carried this team for a while, but now its pretty balanced in the sense that im winning matchups on the reg lol.

        Thanks for ur input its appreciated

    • Maggette got limited minutes tonight so who knows whats up with that rotation. do not grab gooden... i have him currently and most of his minutes are now going to deandre jordan to help develop him more. ill give ur team a 7 out of 10.. morrow has been terrible over the passed few and has fallen out of the rotation....


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