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  • Arman Arman Mar 9, 2010 3:19 AM Flag

    Evaluate My Team

    I'm in a H2H 12 person league that is pretty active. How would you assess my team overall heading in to the playoffs? Good? Bad? Strengths? Weaknesses? How should I attempt to improve my team on the waiver wire? (I gave up on blocks as a category)

    Steve Nash
    Mo Williams
    Kirk Hinrich
    Beno Udrih

    Stephen Jackson
    Anthony Morrow
    Courtney Lee
    Carlos Delfino

    David Lee
    Zach Randolph
    Andray Blatche
    Carl Landry
    Luis Scola

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    • If Mo Williams and Blatche turn it on, you might be in ok shape. I agree about Morrow and Udrih, they are inconsistent.

      Whoever bashed on David Lee hasn't done his homework; this guy has been a monster all year and the guy that has him in my league is in first.

      Stephen Jackson fills up the stats as well; I would def. look to get somebody for Morrow and probably Udrih;

    • Blatche and Morrow will be non-factors the rest of the way, your guards are particularly weak (no offense). In my league, you wouldn't be worrying about playoffs

    • The first guy that I would get rid of is MORROW. He's barely playing and that should be the type of player that you don't want. Not any good choices among those FA you mentioned. Best ones are probably Tolliver and Terrence Williams, since they help a little in multiple cats.
      I'd keep Udrih and Delfino. Both have been very hot lately, plus both are solid multi-category contributors. Nothing special, but they are consistent.
      Reggie Williams and James Singleton are worth a look if available.

    • Your team is good I kinda agree with "UNC" but I would get rid of Hinrich instead of C.Lee and Delfino. All your team has to do is not "Under Achieve" and your gonna compete well.

    • ur bigs are NASTY fantasy wise, type of guys nobody cares about in the NBA, lee/delfino needs some work, they are inconsistent players, u could really use a better SF, Nash is an assist and % machine, udrih has been playing great, ive become a fan

      id say ur team is looking pretty good - not sure how active the league is, but reggie williams is about to make some noise

      come playoff time i always focus on 5 categories i can dominate in, if it means dropping udrih for an haslem id do it depending on who ur playing (i wouldnt drop udrih for haslem, but the point im trying to make is u dont need good players, u need to concentrate on certain stats)

    • Blatche will not play tonight coaches decision.

    • It's a solid team, I wouldn't say its phenomenal but it's definitely solid. You don't really have any super stars except maybe jackson & nash... maybe lee and scola, courtney lee is playing pretty good right now. Everyone else is so so.

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      • Your team is pretty good.
        I have a question for u guys.
        Wtf is up with nelson? Should i drop him for matt barnes or Tracy McGrady? Also whats the case with terrence? Heard hes injured? Do i drop him? Also turkoglu? Wha t do i do with him?
        Pick up stojackovic? Im gonna win this week but i dont know about next week.
        And rate my team please and tell me how it is.
        PG-Jrue Holiday
        SG-O.J mayo
        SF-Hedo Turkoglu
        PF-Kevin Garnet
        F- Corey Maggete
        C- Chris Bosh
        C- Brook Lopez
        Util- Anderson Varejao
        Util- Jameer Nelson
        Bn- Toney Douglas
        Bn-Drew Gooden
        Bn-Jonas Jerebko (Why is everyone dropping him
        Bn-Terrence Williams

        Notable FA'S : Tracy Mcgrady, Matt Barnes, Kenyon Martin, Peja Stojackovic, Luol Deng

        Who should id rop? please help me! Help me and i help u!

    • where is the killer instinct player....there is nobody there that is consistent....

    • Where are your shot blockers?

    • Who was your first pick?

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      • My first pick was Dwayne Wade. But I traded him and Andris Biedrins away for Steve Nash and David Lee back in early December.

        I also had Vince Carter and Chris Douglas-Roberts but traded both of them away for Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington in early January.

        Al Harrington has since been traded for Carl Landry.

        The top free agents in my league are: Anthony Tolliver, Brandon Rush, Earl Watson, Brad Miller, Delonte West, TJ Ford, Jonas Jerebko, Spencer Hawes, Rodrigue Beaubois, Bill Walker, Terrence Williams, and James Harden.

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