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  • Chase L Chase L Feb 25, 2010 12:56 AM Flag

    S.Rod for Collison?

    Just got offered S.Rod for Collison. The other guy has CP3 and will be in the playoffs, so he's trying to hedge his bet on trading for paul. What do you all think about this? S.Rod certainly looks like he has some big upside, I could use help in steals but he's gonna kill my FT% (I'm leading the league in FT so I could potentially take a small hit in FT%). Obviously, if Paul doesn't make it back before playoff time (H2H yahoo league with playoffs in week 21).. I lost big. THOUGHTS!?

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    • First off colli has been avg 2 steals a game. And u have all the chips on the table so no need to rush into any decisions. Wait and see how serg does for a week trade deadline is a week away. If he does well then accept the trade bc that guy is hedging his bet. If serg sucks then keep colli

    • Hell no. Even though collison has horrible TOs, he is still a beast and does awesome in points, assists, and even rebounds!!

      S. Rod is a great player and is doing good so far, but don't think he is like collison until we see more of s.rod.

      Think other player is trying to rip you.