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    someone offered me kobe and elton brand for my pierce and al jefferson. should i do it? it seems pretty even but i think kobe might come back will a f'n vengeance next week. i need the advice, thanks!

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    • This is Kobe Bryant we're talking about here!! You should be in there accepting before he reconsiders. I don't consider Jefferson's value all that high so although it's Brand, it's not that much of a downgrade. Pierce is great, but no Kobe Bryant. Any talk of him sitting out at the end of the season is nonsense!! The Lakers play in the west, and are going to need every win they can get to keep the top seed. I'm amazed Kobe has been out the last few games. He plays through everything! He's had a couple games, AND the all-star break, so he'll come back strong, no doubts about it (and by the time the trade goes through, he'll be playing again)......

    • Yes Do It Its Kobe we are talking about here aka The Best Player in the NBA!

    • No way!
      I had Kobe and Elton Brand. I was really in need of boards and had plenty of scoring, so I pakaged both for Dwight Howard and Channing Frye.
      I also have Al Jefferson, and he has been disappointing. I traded Aaron Brooks and Steph curry for him and now i regret it because he hasn't been that good.
      If you are looking to trade Kobe, you can get almost any big man for him, so shoot high.

    • i say stand pat because you dont know what will happen with kobe for the rest of the way i think his minutes will go down trying to keep him healthy for the playoffs, you gotta remember hes been playing hurt all year and they know they will get into the playoffs so getting kobe healthy is priority #1

    • kobe is tradeable but not for that. keep in mind that kobe is more than likely to sit out the last few games of the season when their playoff position is locked in. try to trade him for a kevin durant. a player you know will go hard from now till the end of the regular season.


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