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  • bgaineshunter bgaineshunter Feb 7, 2010 4:05 AM Flag

    Dwight Howard: Stud or Dud???

    Make your argument.

    I think dud. Yes, he is productive, but he is productive across the board, both good categories and bad. Camby is better. Howard's FT shooting is almost as bad as it gets. On top of that, he takes many FT shots. he turns the ball over an unforgivable number of times for a center. All I need my centers to do is block, rebound, and hang onto the ball. My Gs and Fs will put the turnovers and points up. I had him on one team. I drafted Nash thinking his FT shooting would balance out Howard's. Howard takes many more shots, though. When you have Howard, you must balance him with at least three high .800 to .900 shooters. Never again will I draft him, and I do think that the Yahoo! rankings for him are correct.

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    • u make a good point but I have dwight howard and I've already given up the turnover and free throw categories. I have nash, brook lopez, ariza, flynn, parker- all who have extremely high turnover numbers.
      In the free throw category- i have dwight, haywood, ariza, smith

      so my record right now is 82-50-3, nine categories, 12 team league so im ok with howard on my team

    • Well great job BigGayhunter, you got one idiot to agree with you. He is easily a stud in H2H.

    • Well, he does hurt in turnovers, but he kills in blocks, boards, and shooting percentage with all those points scored. I like him, but if you have him you'll prob. have to sacrifice free throw percentage and if you have any big name who scores that much and has the ball in his hands that much he's gonna turn the ball over. Wade turns the ball over a ton and shoots a miserable free throw percentage for his position and but he makes up for it in many categories. But if you could cut back on scoring and blocks and boards and points for a center who still brings some points boards and blocks without the negs than go for it. But howard is really huge in helpin in shootin percentage. Rondo in your case could also be a dud. Turns the ball over way too and shootins a terrible free throw percentage. I still love havin him on my team.

    • I would honestly rather have horford than dwight

    • In terms of getting rebounds and blks, he is unmatched right now. And he gets solid point production. I almost have him every year on one of my teams and my team is usually doing well. You cant win every category, and TO & FG% vary from game to game. I have never worried too much about those cats, and it works for me. Dwight will make the difference in FG%, Rebs, and blks in any given week and get solid points as well.
      Even Nash has some downside....for being a PG, he gets you no steals, like Chris Paul, Rondo, or Billups. So every player has his downsides. Just got to make up for them with other players

    • He is a STUD and if you disagree, Im not sure you should be playing Fantasy Basketball. I have him in both my leagues and they both have different scoring. He crushes for my teams! All my other players balance out his poor FT shooting % and no matter what I always throw out winning TOs and Fouls, if I win those its icing on the cake. I'm in 1st and 2nd place convincingly in my leagues and I have never not won a trophy in a Fantasy Basketball league I have entered.....yes I'm a nerd.

    • STUD I build my fantasy team around him Howard's free throw volume and percentage are atrocious but he makes up for it in blocks,fg%, and rebounds!!!

    • I agree with the others, STUD especially in H2H leagues. I play in a 14 team 9 category H2H league. He covers me in FG% PTS REB STLS BLKS and some night he even gives you more than 3 AST which is a plus. Then you just have to AGAIN what the other guy said before concentrate in other categories he is lacking.

    • In h2h he is a STUD! I have him and im killin the league. I can sacrifice ft % and TOs coz he wins me off rebound, def rebound, bocks, steals, fg% pts.....so STUD!

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