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  • Kevin Kevin Feb 3, 2010 6:26 PM Flag

    How pathetic is Carmello Anthony?

    Wow are u serious? plz dont put Lebron into the conservation as a "Warrior". I dont even think Wade can come close to Kobe since the dude is playing what? 3-4 injury right now? Lebron is such a weak bish, i remember he sat out 10 games becuz he had a toe injury...

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    • if kobe was a team player, he'd sit out and let his injuries heal rather than hoisting up thirty shots a night at a 35% clip and causeing all of the lakers recent games to be close. warrior my a$$. he's bret favreing his team to my great delight.

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      • meanwhile, compare the nuggets record to that of the lakers since kobe owied his pinkie, while billups sat out 8 games, and melo 11, the nuggets have been the hottest team in the league in that time span for the same reason they will over take the lakers this season. they actually HAVE depth. get any of the lakers top five (not starting five, fish is no longer an n.b.a. player)in foul trouble and they are doomed.
        i guess thats why kobe is continuing to hoist up 30 shots a night converting 35% of them since his injury. cause who else can take his place? shannon brown? thats a joke.
        b.t.w. one l in carmelo.

    • Ok point taken, but still, Carmello makes Lebron look like Iron Man.


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