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  • First of all, no one listen to BLAHZAY. That dude has nothing else better to do than bang his hands on the keyboard all day on a fantasy basketball message board. Seriously, get a life bro. On the occasion I check these out, your name is plastered all over the damn place. To say you have a girlfriend is probably out of the question, but what about a job? hobby? something?

    Second, Dick Weesie, you need to study up a little more my friend. The Shaqtus is no match for D Lee in fantasy.

    Lastly, arc_ I have played on that site as well. Actually thought it was a pretty damn good site and format considering it was their first year (I think I hear BLAHZAY screaming again from his mom's house about the site giving you H1N1). I always find that public leagues tend to have guys that drop out, like in my CBS fantasy college football league. But to say that it autodrafted you all those guys is ridiculous. There were guys in my league that weren't there and those guys were all near the top of the rankings and went in order. No way the program felt like handing you a gift 5 rounds in a row while the rest of the other autodrafters got nothing.


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